ENet  v1.3.17
Reliable UDP networking library
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host.c File Reference

ENet host management functions. More...

#include <string.h>
#include "enet/enet.h"




void enet_host_bandwidth_limit (ENetHost *host, enet_uint32 incomingBandwidth, enet_uint32 outgoingBandwidth)
 Adjusts the bandwidth limits of a host. More...
void enet_host_bandwidth_throttle (ENetHost *host)
void enet_host_broadcast (ENetHost *host, enet_uint8 channelID, ENetPacket *packet)
 Queues a packet to be sent to all peers associated with the host. More...
void enet_host_channel_limit (ENetHost *host, size_t channelLimit)
 Limits the maximum allowed channels of future incoming connections. More...
void enet_host_compress (ENetHost *host, const ENetCompressor *compressor)
 Sets the packet compressor the host should use to compress and decompress packets. More...
ENetPeerenet_host_connect (ENetHost *host, const ENetAddress *address, size_t channelCount, enet_uint32 data)
 Initiates a connection to a foreign host. More...
ENetHostenet_host_create (const ENetAddress *address, size_t peerCount, size_t channelLimit, enet_uint32 incomingBandwidth, enet_uint32 outgoingBandwidth)
 Creates a host for communicating to peers. More...
void enet_host_destroy (ENetHost *host)
 Destroys the host and all resources associated with it. More...

Detailed Description

ENet host management functions.

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