ENet  v1.3.17
Reliable UDP networking library
Data Fields
ENetPacket Struct Reference

ENet packet structure. More...

#include <enet.h>

Data Fields

 allocated data for packet More...
size_t dataLength
 length of data More...
enet_uint32 flags
 bitwise-or of ENetPacketFlag constants More...
ENetPacketFreeCallback freeCallback
 function to be called when the packet is no longer in use More...
size_t referenceCount
 internal use only More...
void * userData
 application private data, may be freely modified More...

Detailed Description

ENet packet structure.

An ENet data packet that may be sent to or received from a peer. The shown fields should only be read and never modified. The data field contains the allocated data for the packet. The dataLength fields specifies the length of the allocated data. The flags field is either 0 (specifying no flags), or a bitwise-or of any combination of the following flags:

ENET_PACKET_FLAG_RELIABLE - packet must be received by the target peer and resend attempts should be made until the packet is delivered

ENET_PACKET_FLAG_UNSEQUENCED - packet will not be sequenced with other packets (not supported for reliable packets)

ENET_PACKET_FLAG_NO_ALLOCATE - packet will not allocate data, and user must supply it instead

ENET_PACKET_FLAG_UNRELIABLE_FRAGMENT - packet will be fragmented using unreliable (instead of reliable) sends if it exceeds the MTU

ENET_PACKET_FLAG_SENT - whether the packet has been sent from all queues it has been entered into

See also

Field Documentation

◆ data

enet_uint8* ENetPacket::data

allocated data for packet

◆ dataLength

size_t ENetPacket::dataLength

length of data

◆ flags

enet_uint32 ENetPacket::flags

bitwise-or of ENetPacketFlag constants

◆ freeCallback

ENetPacketFreeCallback ENetPacket::freeCallback

function to be called when the packet is no longer in use

◆ referenceCount

size_t ENetPacket::referenceCount

internal use only

◆ userData

void* ENetPacket::userData

application private data, may be freely modified

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