ENet  v1.3.17
Reliable UDP networking library
Data Fields
ENetAddress Struct Reference

Portable internet address structure. More...

#include <enet.h>

Data Fields

enet_uint32 host
enet_uint16 port

Detailed Description

Portable internet address structure.

The host must be specified in network byte-order, and the port must be in host byte-order. The constant ENET_HOST_ANY may be used to specify the default server host. The constant ENET_HOST_BROADCAST may be used to specify the broadcast address ( This makes sense for enet_host_connect, but not for enet_host_create. Once a server responds to a broadcast, the address is updated from ENET_HOST_BROADCAST to the server's actual IP address.

Field Documentation

◆ host

enet_uint32 ENetAddress::host

◆ port

enet_uint16 ENetAddress::port

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